January 24, 2017

Kaitlyn And Keefin | Salt Lake City Temple Formals

Utah is funny. End of November is supposed to feel freezing, a bit frosty or even a little snowy. Well, this darling couple was lucky enough to have beautiful warmth from the sun and a lovely mild evening! 

Kaitlyn and Keefin are darling. You meet them and feel love and excitement. Kaitlyn was perfectly dolled up in her princess bridal gown, and ready for her sweet love to finally see all she had been planning for him. 

These “first look” moments are some of my favorite. Some tear up, some giggle, and some stand in awe. This cute couple did a little of all three! From then on, the rest of the evening just passed us by! I adore brides, but I really adore those brides are just can’t help but stare at the one they love without a worry of those who are around them. These moments are what I live for as a photographer! Enjoy this LOVELY, stunning couple.

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