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August 14, 2018

Behind The Lens | Chelsea Frandsen

Hi! I’m Chelsea Frandsen, and I’m the girl who pokes her face out from behind the lens to admire your families, joke with your children and watch you bring new life into this world.

I am a girl who is obsessed with connections. My husband will joke about how much I love human interaction – whether it’s calling to chat with someone on the phone, meeting up with friends for playdates (yes, I still believe adults can have playdates), hanging out with my cute clients or chasing our little one around the house. I love people, and I think thats why I especially LOVE my job. The interaction I get to have with other moms, children, couples and newborns is beautiful and allows me to thrive!

I was born and raised in SLC, Utah my whole life. I never imagined I would leave there. Not because I didn’t think I could, but because I’m partially a homebody and enjoy being around those I love and places I’m familiar with. My hubs has always been a smart, talented man and so here we are! Living in Orange, County, CA with our little family while he attends school at Southern California College of Optometry to become an Optometrist. Living here has been quite the adventure, and I’m in-love with the beauty of Southern California (and obviously Disneyland)!

I am a Lifestyle Family, Maternity and Newborn photographer. I love this side of photography because it allows me to to be around families from the smallest family unit to the largest families. Many people are surprised at the fact that I love families because they are so unpredictable, but that is actually what I find so appealing and fun about families. Parents observing their children, spouses loving each other, toddlers with their wide range of emotion, grandparents who are so grateful for their loved ones and families welcoming new life in. It’s all real, unscripted, unpredictable  and beautiful.

You’ll often find me having tickle fights with my little boy, have Disney dance parties with my family, binge watching Netflix, riding the Tea Cups at Disneyland, eating all of the Oreos and listening to Harry Potter books on tape over and over again because Jim Dales voice is literally the best thing I have ever heard. I’m blessed to be able to stay at home with my son while also being able to be a full-time photographer and wife to my best friend, who works so hard for us.

All of the Fun Facts!

  • I’m a home-body who also loves to do fun, adventurous things.
  • I will make a photo album after every family vaca, no matter how short or long.
  • French Toast always wins over Waffles.
  • My teenage heart loves One Tree Hill.
  • My adult heart is obsessed with Madam Secretary and Blue Bloods
  • But Greys Anatomy is my ultimate jam.
  • I spent my whole life in Utah, and now live in Orange County, CA with my husband and son
  • Cinderella is my girl.
  • You can probably convince me to buy every Disney plush doll for my child.
  • I taught High School American Sign Language for 3 years.

There are many more quirks, but I guess we’ll just have to get to know each other more for you to find out!



Snuggling with this babe and reading his favorite books is probably the best part of my day!

Our sweetest boy, Greyson!

Our most recent family session in my absolute FAVORITE location, in Newport, CA.

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