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August 24, 2018

What To Wear in Family Photos | General Guidlines

Deciding What To Wear in Family Photos

I know! You’re pulling up all of the pinterest searches of “what to wear in family photos”, reading all of the blogs, stalking all of the instagram moms to see WHAT TO WEAR! I promise, it doesn’t have to be so hard. You can look beautiful, timeless and feel great about yourself AND your family without overly stressing.

This will be the first entry of my “What to Wear” guidelines!

First, choose what makes YOU feel beautiful.

I am passionate about this because as a moms, we are incredibly hard on ourselves. Pick something you know you are comfortable in, and feel beautiful in. If you know you rock jeans and flowy shirts, or you look fabulous in a dress – do that! You’ll feel far more confident this way, than if you were to pick something where you only look and feel great from certain angles in the mirror (don’t worry, I’ve done this before!).

Beach Family Session Outfits that are light and airy to match the location. A little pop of pattern in the boys shirt and pop of texture with moms dress and daughters tulle skirt.

Second, think of where your images will be displayed.

Taking family pictures for some families only happens every two or three years. For others, every 6 months. For the majority of us, hopefully once a year! Either way, we get these images taken to be able to make our homes feel like our homes. They are after all, the place we go for refuge and to be with the ones we hold dear. Pay attention to the color schemes you have in your home. If your home has “cool tones” you won’t want outfits that are too warm like reds, browns and oranges – and vice versa. This will definitely help in picking what to wear!

This mama used some pretty jewl tones and neutrals.

Fall family photos with a bright style. Mom has a beautiful dress with pattern and tied her husband and son in by pulling colors from her dress.

Her style is light and airy, and she wanted her session to fit her home. They looking striking in white and blues.

Third, pick a color scheme!

There are many ways to do this, so I will name a few!

  • Picking the outfit you feel best in and finding coordinating colors. Take a look at a color wheel and pick colors that complement your outfit.
  • Find a fun pattern for one outfit and pull from those colors to create your pallet.
  • Find one color you love and find varying shades along with a neutral tone like cream, white, brown or black.
  • If you are me, pick your favorite neutral (I’m obsessed with white) and some nice light pastels to go along with it like light blue and light pink!
  • One little NOT to do…. don’t wear the same colors! All jean, all white, all red all black.. etc. The key is to coordinate, not match.

Winter Family Session with a beautiful, wintery color vibe. There is matching, but not so much that you feel too matchy!

Fourth, use what you have.

There is no rule out there that says “When choosing what to wear,  you HAVE to wear ALL new clothes for family pictures!” Use what you have. It is certainly okay to go select a couple of new items to tie your outfits in together, or a new dress  that makes you feel beautiful. But please don’t stress yourself out by buying new shoes, new shirts, new pants, new dresses for every person in your family.

Extend family picked complimentary colors, but also picked colors in different shades of those colors. White, Denim, Pink and Purple.

Fifth, use and trust your photographer.

Your photographer has seen many a family photo. They can be a wonderful asset in picking what to wear. When you are my client, please send me a text! Tell me the look you are going for, the colors you love and feel free to send me pictures. I am here for you.

The ultimate key is to be you a. Pick colors, and outfits that match you, your home and your style and don’t stress more than you need to!

Here are a few more examples! Don’t be afraid to reach out to me to plan your perfect, real family photos!

Using Black, blue, denim, and white this family popped out of their surroundings and looked great. The right amount of pattern to tie their color palette in.

Fall Family Picture outfits that are still fairly neutral and look good in their green/brown surroundings. Moms sure is textured and the boys shirts patterns are simple enough to not be distracting.

A nice soft pallet of blues, whites, and pinks. Soft colors are always so pretty. You can never go wrong when using them!

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