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January 15, 2019

Fresh 48 | New Baby Boy

Brytyn reached out to me, wanting to chat about booking a Fresh 48 and Newborn Session for her first baby. Her and her boyfriend Ben were incredibly excited to be waiting for their sweet baby boys arrival!

The thing I love about Fresh 48 sessions, is that you’re on baby watch, and it’s just so fun waiting to find out when that new baby is going to arrive. Sweet baby Jayce just wanted to join his mama and dad sooner, and came a couple of weeks early!

I’ve always got sitters who I can call for when babes come early, but this time my cute in-laws were in town, so this was perfect and going to be even more fun for my son!

Excitedly I drove to the Hospital to officially meet Brytyn, Benjamin and sweet Jayce for the first time! Oh that new baby smell, and that sweet beautiful boy. My heart just about melted when I met little Jayce for the first time. I’m a sucker for new babies, which probably explains why I love, and specialize in Fresh 48 + Lifestyle Newborn Sessions.

I quickly began to just think Brytyn is the cutest, and sweets person. She stepped into her role as a mother so beautifully and effortlessly. The whole session went by so quickly because both her and Benjamin were just the easiest, funniest people to hang-out with.

All I can say is this was such a BEAUTIFUL Fresh 48 Session, filled with so much love.

When the time came to leave, I sure did not want to! But that good news was that I would be able to see them again during their Lifestyle Newborn Session, so that was something to look forward to!

Don’t worry, there is a beautiful Newborn Session to come, but for now…..

Meet Jayce, 6lbs 13 oz of perfection.

Want to learn more about Fresh 48 Session? Checkout my blog post detailing what they entail! 

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