March 31, 2023

Saltair | Family Photographer 

Saltair | Family Photographer 

If you live in Utah (or have an Instagram) you’ve likely seen the dreamy pictures that are taken at Saltair. This location is nothing short of stunning and is a client favorite for good reason. With beautiful neutral coloring and a minimal backdrop, Saltair allows a flexibility in choosing family picture outfits that is hard to find elsewhere. The scenery flows effortlessly with differing levels of formality, various clothing styles and a multitude of color schemes. Not to sound too cheesy, but it really sets the stage for you to shine. And the best part? It looks amazing year round. My favorite time to shoot at Saltair is in the early spring so we can take advantage of the beauty but miss the bugs. 

So if Saltair has been on your family picture location bucket list, let’s get something on the books. 

I would LOVE to work with your family! Please contact me to schedule your spring family pictures. To see more of my work, follow along on Instagram.

Saltair Saltair Saltair Saltair Saltaire | Family Photographer  Saltaire | Family Photographer  Saltaire | Family Photographer Saltair | Family Photographer 

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