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August 11, 2023

4 Reasons to take Fall Family Pictures

Even though it is still 100 degrees outside (literally) it is already time to start thinking of your fall family pictures! Utah colors will be popping soon so if you’re looking to fill your walls with some new portraits of your favorite people, now is the time to schedule. If you’re on the fence, here are four reasons to take family pictures this fall. 

  1. You will not find a prettier backdrop. 

3 images collaged of fall family pictures side by side. One of the family holding hands and walking, one of the family posed looking at the camera, one of the mom and dad sitting together.

Utah’s scenery during the Fall is unreal. No matter what you decide to wear, Fall shows up as the perfect backdrop to capture your family. And trust me, you are not going to regret seeing nature’s vibrant, natural colors framed on your wall for years to come. 

  1. Your kiddos are always changing. 

2 images of sisters standing side by side in fall family pictures.

The changing leaves in Fall remind us that life is always moving forward and change is imminent! Kids grow incredibly fast and every year brings new milestones. A family photo session is the perfect way to mark time and freeze your perfect family as they are right. now. Gap tooth smile, just learning to walk, and recently cut-her-own-bangs and all.

  1. Fall fashion. 

two fall family photos. One where all four family members are holding hands and walking. One where the family is holding one daughter and tickling her.

Okay, I know it sounds stupid, but fall fashion is so. fun! Whether you’re going for clean & neutral, moody & earth-toned, or anything in-between, you cannot go wrong when choosing outfits for fall family pictures. And let’s be honest, who does not absolutely die at the sight of your toddler in a tiny sweater?? Or your daughter in a pinafore dress with tights? Gah, it’s so so good. 

  1. Check Christmas cards off of your list. 

Two fall family pictures in a collage side by side.

There is nothing worse than flipping the calendar to December and realizing you don’t have family pictures for your annual christmas card. Let fall family pictures check this one off of your list. Your future self is going to thank you! 

So as you get ready for fall and all of its fun family traditions, take a pause. Consider capturing the beauty, the chaos, the love, and the uniqueness of your family  right now. It’s a gift your future self, and generations to come, will surely treasure. 

Mini Fall Family Photo Sessions

I am now booking Mini Fall Family Photo Sessions and I’d love to capture your family in this season of life! 


  • September 16th – Saltair 
  • September 22nd – Herriman Hills 
  • September 23rd – Albion  

Fall Colors: 

  • October 6th – Tibble Fork 
  • October 7th – Quakies 
  • October 14th – Big Springs 
  • October 20th – Wheeler Farm 

If you’re interested in booking one of these sessions, please reach out to me ASAP here or through Instagram.

A collage of fall family pictures.

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