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October 27, 2017


Stacy is 100% the kind of person and client I adore! She planned the most perfect trip to Anaheim, California to go to DISNEYLAND.  Which if you know me, that in itself is the best thing. She not only planned a fun vacation, but planned to have the photoshoot she had always dreamed of! I love this about her. She wanted to do what she knew would make her family and herself happy. What could be better than Disney and the perfect beach family session to remember the whole trip?!

They could not have been more fun-loving and sweet! Her littlest had never been to the beach and was just learning to walk. He loved the feel of the sand as he walked, collapsed, played and got back up! His siblings were so excited to watch him and help him back up. 

Something else that stood out to me about The Rogers Family, is how supportive her husband was of this session. Most men dread family pictures, but this guy? He was a champ. He backed her up the whole time, made his children giggle, asked his wife what she wanted, and made sure to play and enjoy his time with his family throughout the whole session! 

I am so glad The Rogers Family allowed me to be a small part of their beautiful family vacation! 

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