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April 24, 2018

Davis Family Disney Experience

I was so excited with Brittany contacted me for their Disney Experience Family Session!! First of all, Brittany is a fellow photographer from my home town in Salt Lake City, Utah. Second, she is like me dreamt of the perfect family pictures in the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Last, she has in incredible eye, and I love to follow her stuff with her beautiful, bright work!

Of course our kids don’t always agree or like our perfectly pictured plans. Yet somehow, they make everything even better! Children are wildly unpredictable, and I think that is why I love my job so much! Every session is different, every child is different and every moment with them is SO real.

Cece was an adorable ball of energy! She makes me excited for when our little one will be able to run around Disneyland. Cece wanted to run, play, give hugs and even kisses! I was lucky enough to even get a few hugs from her. She looked at the colors, loved all the sounds, pointed at all the beauty, and loves the magic of the castle and the mouse. Chasing her around to capture all her joy was well worth it. And certainly made it so I could have a churro afterwards! And who doesn’t love an excuse to devour a Disney Churro?!

Oh and did I mention, Brittany is stunning?!

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