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May 2, 2018

Sanders Family | Orange County Family Photographer

Leslie and I have been chatting about her family session since last fall, and I am SO glad that we were finally able to make it happen! Leslie has 5 gorgeous children ranging from 2nd grade to high school senior.

I’ve been working with so many young families recently, that I forgot what it’s like to photograph older children who I don’t have to physically chase! But in all seriousness, they were fabulous kids! I’ve never seen 5 children who love each other so much, and are so easy going!

Leslie mentioned how she LOVES railroad tracks, and she knew of a pretty spot that we could try out. I’m so glad she knew about this hidden gem, because these family photos turned out beautifully!

Their youngest daughter Alexus is darling. She’s a sweetheart and was so excited that they brought there cute dog along, Nala. Can we talk about how cool it is to bring your family dog to a Family Session? I am so glad that they did! Especially after seeing how loving they all are with her.

Their oldest, Jonathan, has the best, most positive attitude! He knows how to keep his siblings excited, motivated and happy. We also had a chance to do his Senior Session at the end of the session, but I’ll be posting about that later! He was a stud!

Levi, Seth and Price were all so incredibly fun too! Basically they are all pretty cool kids, and we can definitely attribute that to their parents – Lance and Leslie. I have to say, they are a fabulous looking couple and I always love when I get the chance to get updated couples pictures for my families. Once you become a parents you are “Mom + Dad” and don’t get opportunities get images of you as a couple as frequently as you’d like! These two look and are so good together!

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