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November 2, 2018

You’re Gonna Be A Daddy | Orange County Pregnancy Reveal

You guys. I’ve literally been. D.Y.I.N.G. to share these photos since September! but before you see how freaking perfect, emotional and gorgeous these photos are, you have to read all about the big reveal!

About Katie and Jordan

I received a message from the most darling girl, Katie Staples one morning. She had a plan to do an amazing pregnancy reveal to her husband, Jordan. All things baby and photo are my jam. I’m all about documenting every possible moment, and most certainly – the big ones! When Katie reached out for her Orange County pregnancy reveal, I knew we were going to have so much fun, and that we would get this beautiful moment captured the way she had envisioned!

Katie had lead Jordan to believe that she had already been feeling symptoms of her monthly cycle, and so he was completely clueless. They had just recently decided they wanted to grow their little family, and Katie was shocked and incredibly overjoyed to find out that she was pregnant. Obviously, Katie could not wait to tell Jordan! The original plan had us waiting to do the big reveal almost two weeks away!  We quickly decided to abort that plan and make it happen as SOON as possible!

Katie is an amazing influencer. She’s all about design, style, and just honest goodness. You’ll certainly want to follow her! You can find her amazing content at Halfway Wholeistic. I bring this up because this leads into our “plan”.

The Plan

Jordan is used to Katie making plans for her blog that take them off onto fun adventures. She asked that I email her and ask to do a fun little photo collaboration that coming Saturday. She knew he wouldn’t even think anything of it, and would be along for the ride.

Naturally there NEEDED to be video of this joyous moment, so I offered to bring my backup camera and a tri-pod. Our plan was for me to tell Jordan that I needed some “behind the scenes” footage for myself and my families/couples to see how I interact with my clients on my website.

Finally we decided where we would meet and how she would tell him!

Here We Go!

Anticipation you guys. You know those butterflies you get before Christmas? Or the tingling feeling you get before holding a significant others hand for the first time? Thats how I felt leading up to this shoot. So I cannot even imagine how Katie girl felt! And there was Jordan, completely clueless. But not for long 🙂

While walking to the spot we’d begin our little Orange County Pregnancy Reveal, we chatted about them. They’re pretty much the cutest couple. Down to earth, sweet, easy to talk to and just good people.

We arrived at our spot and I began to setup the tripod for video. While setting up I realized “oh no! I needed the memory card that Katie had planned to hand to me when we arrived”. Quickly found a reason to ask Jordan to turn around. I asked him to kick some weeds down because they were in the way… Such a kind husband. He went right to it, and I gave a signal to Katie that we needed her memory card!!!

Once the video was rolling, we began shooting their little “couple” shoot for our “collab”. We got a few good poses in and I finally asked Jordan to turn around while Katie held onto him arm and we got to focus on her gorgeous face for a moment. He definitely didn’t mind. I quickly grabbed her handmade sign which had beautifully had written on it, “You’re going to be a daddy”. We took a few secretive shots……

The Reveal | Orange County Pregnancy Reveal

Finally Katie turned around and “tapped” Jordan on the shoulders. He turned around to look at her and found the sign before his eyes; “You’re gonna be a Daddy”! Moments later he was bent over in complete disbelief, shock and soon after, joy! Seconds later they were embracing. Seriously. SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m pretty sure I had a few tears coming out of my own eyes, because seriously you guys, it was too stinking perfect.

You guys. She had him completely stunned. He truly had no idea. Tricky girl had managed to really lead him to thinking and believing that she was not pregnant, without ever lying to him!

Jordan was stoked. Once everything had sunk in, he just wanted to know more. He was happy when he had arrived at the shoot, but man. The joy on his smiling face and in his eyes was just too good the rest of this Orange County pregnancy reveal session.

The Result

So many good ones you guys….

The anticipation…..


Bah!!! The realization!!! This sequence and this hug!!!

Be still my stinkin heart!!!

You guys. He’s gonna be such a cute daddy!
And they are just goals. Absolute goals.  And this girl is a babe. Inside and out!

And finally. This sign is gorgeous! I love the simplicity and the greenery. Definitely give Mrs. Heidi Davidson a look see! She has beautiful signage and stationary!



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