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January 25, 2021

Alpine Utah | Extended Family Session

Utah Extended Family Session

What can I say about the Tall Family, except that they are lovely. I have photographed a portion of the Tall Family in years past, and was lucky enough to photograph their extended family session. Yes, I said lucky!

Why Extended Family Sessions

Many shy away from extended family sessions, or even pretend to enjoy them. Personally, I enjoy them! There is something so satisfying about creating beautiful images that a Grandma can proudly hang on her wall.

How To Pick a Location

There are many ways to pick a location for an extended family session. Here are a couple of ideas; one that is easy for all parties to arrive on time at, one that is indoor or a location that means something special to you. Picking a location based on ease of location is a good thing to consider as typically a few children are involved and you don’t want to make a toddler sit through a long car ride just before a session. So sometimes its a better idea to pick something closer, and easier for all – than a dream location. You could also consider doing an indoor location like this one linked here. Lastly, this family choose a location that was special to them!

A location special to Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa Tall are moving to Utah to be closer to family and are building a beautiful home. They decided it would be special to do a session on the land where their new home would be built. This was such a fun idea, and it was an extra bonus that the land was gorgeous! Enjoy these special, beautiful moments. Especially these darling kiddos! These pictures will make you excited for your next extended family session!

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