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March 25, 2024

Baby Shower Gift Guide 

Baby Shower Gift Guide 

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of newborn sessions. I absolutely LOVE capturing your sweet new babes and the special glow of new mamas + dadas together. And even though I have a 9 month old, it’s giving me all the baby fever. So in the spirit of baby love, I’m rounding up all of my best ideas for baby gifts you (and your friends) will obsess over. 

Newborn family picture session. Newborn pictures

My Top 5 Favorite Baby Shower Gifts 

All of my favorite baby gifts follow the same formula – it combines something practical with something fun! As a mom of 3, I know how important the useful registry item gifts are AND I know how much fun it is to pick out something cute for your friends. 

Collage of newborn pictures.

  1. Diaper caddy stuffed with diapers, wipes, a cute swaddle and some fun late night feeding snacks for mom! 
  2. Bathtime favorites: the necessary soaps and lotions plus a cute towel. I still cannot get over this little infant robe I saw at Target the other day. 
  3. Any ‘boring’ registry item (infant’s tylenol, baby thermometer, diapers, you get the gist) and a cute new outfit. 
  4. Bottles + burp rags and a gift card to mom’s favorite restaurant so she doesn’t have to make dinner. 
  5. A family picture session to capture all of those special newborn moments! This is a great group gift that people can contribute to that mom will LOVE. Your newborn family pictures will last long beyond the diaper years to be cherished forever. 

Daddy + baby family picture poses. Mom + baby newborn family picture poses.

How do I book my Newborn Family Photo Session? 

I would LOVE to take pictures of your growing family!  If you’re interested in shooting with me, you can reach out to me here and we will get a time set up. I usually like to shoot within 2 weeks of baby’s birth to make sure we get all of the beautiful tiny baby details! 

utah newborn family pictures Baby shower ideas including newborn family pictures.

Some of my FAVORITE Newborn Sessions 

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