June 10, 2024

Utah Family Photographer | Saltair

I am *obsessed* with taking family pictures at Saltair. With a dreamy neutral background that is elegant and timeless, it may be my favorite family picture location in Utah.

When is the Best Time to Take Family Pictures at Saltair?

Saltair is one of my most adored family picture locations in Utah because it is STUNNING year-round. If you’re a neutral-loving family, this place is photo friendly April-May and July-November.  But here’s the deal: during June it is brimming with bugs + gnats, and I love you too much to let you deal with that. 

So if you’re interested in getting your pictures taken at Saltair, let’s get it on the calendar!

What Should I Wear for a Photo Session at Saltair?

Did you know that when you hire me as your family photographer, I am always happy to consult on outfits? I want to help you choose something that you feel confident in, will look good at the location and matches well with your family. So if you need opinions, feel free to text me your options! 

I love the look of neutrals and earth tones at Saltair. However, with such a pretty classic backdrop, you can really make any look work here!

I would love to take your family pictures this year (whether it’s at Saltair or another pretty place)! If you’re interested in shooting with me, please reach out to me here or follow along with my work on Instagram.

Saltair Sessions I Love:

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