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September 21, 2018


Before I tell you about the most beautiful Orange County Family session, I have to tell you about my cute friend Emily!

About Emily

I met Emily and her family a little over a year ago in Orange County, CA. We met while attending the same  church.  I quickly realized how kind and funny Emily is! She comes to church every week with her cute family and she is always in the absolute cutest outfits. Basically she is constantly giving me shoe envy!

Emily is incredibly passionate about a skin care. She works with a company called Rodan + Fields, and I can see why. I have heard great things about them, but not until I met Emily did I come to understand how fabulous these products are. I have always, always struggled with my skin. Growing up I had a super hard time feeling good about myself. I was constantly worried about if my make-up looked okay, how smooth my skin was, and who was judging me. Worst of all, I was judging myself worse than anyone else.

Over the last year, I had noticed how fabulous  Emily’s skin was. She has talked to me all about what Rodan + Fields does, and has helped me to see that I really can have some wonderful results! It’s truly amazing because she was able to customize a skincare program that was just right for me, and what my skin needed. Skincare isn’t “one size fits all”, and I’m glad they cater to each persons needs. I also have to say, I LOVE how long the product lasts for. It’s quality, and when used right – your regimen will last you for 3 months.

I’m so grateful to Emily because she found the right  regimen for me,  and I can already feel AND see a difference!

Where to have her session and what to wear

Emily has been dying to get new Family Pictures for the last little while  and so we began talking about what she wanted her images to look like. She was super worried about outfits, which I had a hard time believing considering her outfits are always on point. We also discussed location and she was definitely feeling some kind of woodsy and open feel. We settled on Carbon Canyon which is one of my favorite spots for an Orange County Family Session.

During the Session

Jason and Emily have the cutest, and nicest little blended family. Jameson, the youngest is such a little stud. He was happy to smile whenever I asked him to, and he even enjoyed all my crazy photographer sounds I make to get attention! Grace is SO sweet. A little shy at first, but oh so sweet and has the cutest personality. We even got her to show off her super pretty pearly white teeth! Sam was a crack up! We would take the “classic” smiling shots, and then I’d ask them to look at each other, say funny things and laugh at each other. He wasn’t about that “fake laugh” life, but pretty soon we got the real laughs and I think they turned out pretty fabulous! Probably my favorite moment was when I asked Grace and Sam tickle Jamison. Sam went full force, and it was SO cute. I love watching older siblings love on their younger ones.

I’m pretty sure this is the cutest little Orange County Family Session!

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